Why We Must Choose All Natural Soy Candles

sa3 3There are a multitude of reasons why soy candles are quickly becoming the most popular type of candle. For one, more and more people are starting to make greener choices and buying All natural soy candles instead of paraffin candles is certainly a greener choice. Not only that but they burn better than paraffin candles. There are reasons for this. Natural soy candles burn cleaner, cooler and longer.

Soy candles are cleaner burning

Many people consider the most important reason why soy candles are better is that they are cleaner. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum which causes them to produce much more soot than their natural counterparts. Soy wax is derived from soy bean oil. Burning soy wax produces little to no soot. Because of this, the air is cleaner, the area you burn them in is cleaner and most importantly, you are cleaner!

If you’ve ever burned a paraffin jar candle, you will have noticed that when the wax gets to the bottom of the jar, the interior of the container is coated with thick black soot. Burning candles in a ventilated area is important for any candles, but especially paraffin candles. That black residue you see on the container can also end up on your walls and even in your lungs.

Soy candles burn cooler

The melting point of paraffin is much higher than soy candles wax. Most soy wax has a melting point of about 110 F to 115 F. The soy wax used to make candles is actually made from a natural soy beans that usually consists of about 90% of pure soy. The melting point of this soy beans usually ranges between 130 and 140 F.
Paraffin can have melting points of 20-40 F more than natural waxes. When you take into account that soy wax burns at a much lower temperature than paraffin, realize that paraffin tends to increase the ambient temperature of the room whereas soy wax has less of an effect on room temperature.

Soy candles burn longer

This reason ranks number one economically. These days people are trying to save money and when a product lasts up to 50% longer than another product you would normally buy, then it makes fiscal sense to purchase that product. Now, soy candles are generally a bit more expensive than paraffin candles, usually by about 20 or 30%. But if a soy candle will last 50% longer – well, you do the math. The all natural soy candles , in terms of usage is actually cheaper than the paraffin candle.

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