The pillow-buying guide every side sleeper must read

Everyone has his or her sleeping style. On the back, on the stomach, on the side, all these are styles you could be accustomed to. But you just use one of them, so you deserve a pillow that complements your style.
This post is all about choosing the right pillow. Sleep Ridiculously Well has compiled the best pillows for side sleepers on their blog. It will cover what to look for and some of the benefits to having the best type of this pillow.

Choosing a side-sleeping pillow

The pillow material

Begin with choosing the right material for your pillow. Since you will be having almost all of your neck resting on the pillow, it should offer a comfortable perching point. It should feel soft and a little bit warm for your neck. It does not have to be so firm that you will have a stiff neck in the morning. Most recommendations for a pillow material for side sleepers are 100% polyester, but you are free to try other materials if this is not your preference.


Pillow size

Size will be at the center of the pillow you will choose. If it is too big to perch your neck, then you will have no chance for a good sleep. A small pillow will be too small to nestle. Therefore, you will have to choose a moderately sized pillow. It should give you a good resting point for your neck and the head. You should physically lie on the pillow to make sure you will not get the size wrong.

Shape of your pillow

Pillow shape will have an impact on how long you sleep before you turn around. Some side sleepers are comfortable with the traditional
pillow shape (thick at the center and grooved edges) while other prefer ones with diagonal edges. The shape will vary from one person to another. However, make sure whatever you choose will give you a comfortable sleeping position.

Weight: how heavy should your pillow be?

A side sleeper will not need a pillow that will shift its positions. It has to be weighed down so that you do not twist your neck. It has to be relatively heavy to avoid any movement. This will prevent you from moving your neck to find a good resting position.

Why the right kind of pillow matters for side sleepers?

  • It supports the right posture

3A pillow for side sleeping will be specifically meant to complement that style. You will find the posture once you lie on your bed for a good night’s sleep.

  • No tossing and turning around

You will sleep just like a baby with no tossing or turning. The pillow will not be shifting as you place your neck and head over it. This will prevent any chances for turn or shifting to find a comfortable spot.

  • It is simply comfortable

Having a comfortable pillow is precedence to a great night sleep. You will not be disturbed by endless uneasiness around your neck. You will be amazed how well you will sleep with the right pillow for your side sleeping style.

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