3 Meat cooking methods – which one is healthy?

Meat is a staple food for many. It is also a high source quality proteins and other essential nutrients. Meat can be prepared using different methods. In this regard, the method of preparation determines how tasty and the health of your recipe will be. Besides the style, cooking temperatures are equally important. Monitoring food temperatures is best done using special appliances known as Meat thermometers. Ideally, the cooking temperatures should be maintained at a level that is sufficient to kill pathogens while at the same time keeping the nutrients intact.

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How you cook has a direct impact on the nutritional value and safety. As such, you should adopt a cooking method that helps you maximize health benefits and at the same time eliminating harmful elements in your food. Read on and learn more about different cooking methods and how they affect the quality of food.

Grilling and broiling

Grilling and broiling bear many similarities. The only difference between these approaches is the position of the fire source. In broiling, the heat source is placed above the meat whereas the grilling involves cooking when the heat source is below. Grilled meat is delicious only that it poses a health risk that results when fat drips into the heat source and combust.

Deep frying

Deep frying meat often involves full immersion of the steak into boiling fat. This cooking method is loved by many owing to the tasty and crispy nature of deep-fried meat. However, this is not the best cooking method for those trying to shed weight considering that the meat absorbs high amounts of fat during this process. Deep frying has also been linked with high toxicity, which poses some health hazards.

Pressure cooking

AQDSaSqaPressure cooking methods have become popular in recent years. Its popularity is majorly attributed to the facts that it allows meat to cook faster thus shortening the cooking times. The other benefit of this cooking method is that it results in less of cholesterol, makes the meat tender, and also minimizes nutrient loss. The major downside is that some types of meat can be incredibly soft when overcooked.

From a health perspective, pressure cooking is undoubtedly the best method to use when cooking meat. As much as every technique has its unique pros and cons, it is advisable to a method that not only makes your meat tasty but also keeps your health intact.

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