Expectations during dental cleaning

You may have taken long before visiting your dentist, and you know you should start the regular visits. Maybe it could be your child asking you what will be done during the cleaning and you remind yourself that there is nothing to worry about. The following is a breakdown of what a typical dental cleaning procedure will look like. Perrydentalhealth.com – San Antonio dentist can help you know more about dental cleaning.

Physical mouth examination

Teeth cleaning is usually done by dental hygienists and rarely by dentists. The first step when it comes to dental cleaning entails thorough teeth and gums examination. During this step, the hygienist can prod and poke the gums and teeth, scrape your teeth then take X-rays. They look for any cavities, teeth misalignment, gum disease and abscessed teeth. If they see anything concerning, then they call the dentist to have a look.examination

Removing tartar and plaque

After doing the initial examination, the hygienist goes around with some tiny mirror and the infamous scaler eliminating tartar and plaque which has built upon the gum line. This step may cause accidental prick and bleeding of your gums as well as the notorious scrapping sound.

Toothpaste cleaning

After removing all the plaque and tartar from the teeth, the teeth cleaning process commences. They often use a high-powered toothbrush and some gritty toothpaste. You can have an option of choosing the flavor of toothpaste you want. During brushing, it is normal to hear grinding sounds that come from the toothbrush. The combination of the toothpaste grittiness and the high-power of this toothbrush is professional and deep cleaning can clean the teeth better than you do at home. Although the dentist can be hard on your teeth, it is not recommended that you brush as hard at home or you may scrape off the enamel.


When your teeth have all been brushed and cleaned, the dental hygienist gets to clean between the teeth by flossing. Even patients who floss their teeth daily at have benefited from the professional flossing. The hygienist knows how to floss the teeth in the right way, and they can floss deep on between your teeth. Some people tend to get nervous during this process since the gums start to bleed. This is normal because the dental hygienist will like be flossing deeper and rigorously than you do at home so that gums can be sensitive to this type of flossing.

Fluoride Rinse

fluorideWhen all the above is done, you then rinse off the paste with water then swish around liquid fluoride solution. After swishing the dental hygienist can apply foamy fluoride gel on a mouthpiece for you to bite onto for a few minutes. This final step keeps the cavity resistant till your next dental cleaning appointment.

Your routine dental cleanings should be in six months, and you should ask your dentist any questions during this process.

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